SG VIP Escorts Review – A Look Into Singapore’s Elite Escort Agency

Reviewing SG VIP Escorts of Singapore

Recently, I had a friend introduce me to SG VIP Escorts, a Singapore agency which specializes in Singapore escort girl service. In fact, I had used a local agency before long ago in Singapore, but it is now defunct. And I was recently on the hunt for a trusted agency in Singapore lately, as I finally had some free time. Before that, I was fully packed with photography sessions and meets.

My friend is also from Chicago, Illinois, who is currently in Singapore and has taken up the local Singaporean citizenship after living in Singapore for more than 10 years. He has used escorts recently, and since I wanted to look forĀ  one, I asked him for recommendations for good agencies around today.

He mentioned there were several hit or misses in the past when it comes to agencies, however, a local one that stood out was SG VIP Escorts, and so he recommended them to me.

So without further ado, I engaged one of their social escorts, and the following is my review of SG VIP Escorts.

Pros of using SG VIP Escorts:

  • Their social escorts actually look like their provided photos.

    Thank god I finally found an agency which is actually using real photos all the time for all their escorts. Most of the times, many agencies back in United States used fake ones, and I have also heard such stories in Singapore from other expats too. However, SG VIP Escorts uses genuine photos, so that is definitely a plus on my end.

  • They are pretty responsive.

    They definitely seemed to prefer WhatsApp or SMS, so I highly recommend if you want to contact them, do WhatsApp them. They do not seem responsive to calls. However, great news is their replies are nearly instantaneous for literally every hour throughout the day, evening and night. Most other agencies I have contacted were either defunct, or did not seem to want business. I messaged them and emailed them, all did not respond. (Latest update: my friend told me that most went bust, except for a select few) But SG VIP Escorts respond pretty fast within minutes each time via message, so that is a plus point. I hate waiting for responses or call backs which never happens.

  • Pretty good recommendations by the escort agency manager

    Whoever is running the phone line, seems to recommend pretty good recommendations according to my looks preference. What I usually do is I shortlist a few girls from their list and check for their availabilities. From within there, the customer service line seem to provide good recommendations. So what I recommend to you is to simply pick a few escorts, all of which you are keen on, and then check for their availability first, then confirming on either one of them. Using that combination of shortlisting by yourself then recommendation by the manager always seem to result in good experiences.

  • Offers local Singaporean girls

    So many independent escort sites and agencies exist in Singapore, but most of them only provide European, Filipino or Thai girls. It is nearly impossible to look for real, local Singaporean escorts. Every ‘real’ Singaporean escort on other sites usually turn out to be a fake, and is usually from China or Filipino. I hate being cheated.

    Thankfully, SG VIP Escorts provide real Singaporean girls. If you love local girls, then you are in luck… SG VIP Escorts seems to specialize in them. From my memory about my conversation with the guy who introduced me to the agency, this agency seemed to only ever focus on Singaporean models. So good news for Singaporean girl lovers!


  • They offer only local girls.

    If you are into foreigners, e.g. Thailand, Vietnamese e.t.c. girls, you are better off looking for them on independent escort sites. SG VIP Escorts did not seem to have any foreign girls at all in their photo gallery.

  • Very strict on first time clients

    One thing about their agency is that they are very strict on first time clients. Since I have prior experience meeting social escorts back in the States, I know that verification details need to be provided or prior payments made sometimes. So I have no qualms about that. However, unfortunately one of my buddies didn’t know that and got annoyed. However, after I explained to him the standard operating procedures of agencies in Singapore, he understood and had a pleasant booking.

    So please keep in mind if you are a new client – keep your verification details ready, for instance, your name, location, date, time, preferred escorts e.t.c., so that you can have a fast service.

All in all, a great experience so far with SG VIP Escorts.

So there you have it. That is my review of a great agency in Singapore, which I strongly recommend as well.

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