Venturing Into Boudoir Photography In Singapore?

Should I venture into boudoir photography in Singapore?

Recently I came across a video by a fellow expat photographer in Singapore, albeit she’s in a slightly different market – boudoir photography.

While boudoir photography is definitely much more niched down than what I do, which is portrait photography, it seems much easier to make a name for myself in that market due to lower competition. What do you guys think? I have also been getting some requests for boudoir photo shoots from some of the girls whom I take pics of.

Check out the above YouTube video to basically watch pretty much the pre-eminent boudoir photographer in Singapore.

What I personally think is that it could be one of the services that I offer, as I am thinking that perhaps.

Just sharing my thoughts on my blog here, and wondering if you have any two cents to give me?

It seems like you could charge a lot more and work with pretty girls! I had mentioned before in a previous post that specializing for weddings or pre-wedding shoots could also be a possibility. But that seems over competitive and certainly very overcrowded in Singapore. A simple search will show you hundreds of small time wedding photographers competing for business.

I would rather have a small business on my own and instead of fighting behemoths. Besides, living as a portrait photographer in Singapore has been able to allow me to make a decent income alone with no stress.

What do you guys think? Should I make this step and foray into the boudoir world in Singapore? I would be thinking that clients would probably consist of model wannabes, escorts, wives, e.t.c.

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