wide open spaces

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the country this summer. Wide and open, expansive, with plenty of room to breathe. I thoroughly enjoy it and not sure if I’ll welcome back those busy city streets later today.  Nothing a local coffee shop won’t fix of course.

Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to…IMG_9553

IMG_1025 IMG_1184 IMG_9369 IMG_9503






A lot on my mind as of late. Years passing too quickly. I celebrated my dad turning 70 on Saturday, I am exactly half his age. How can this be? How can time be passing so so … suddenly.

I’ve really taken some time this weekend. Put work aside and haven’t touched the computer until now. Thought a personal post would still be considered holidaying right?

My kids are growing up, yes you’ve heard that before. But it’s true, they really are. And I am seeing the ‘little’ beings rapidly becoming WAY too smart and WAY too grown up. So I have to slow down, I must. no regrets right?

I will always create my art through photography, it’s who I am. Slowing down just allows me to gain something; a little perspective. Pretty much my favourite thing.

Let’s stop time via the internet. I hope you don’t mind a little of my clan on the blog. Relax, have a mojito, take in some family time. I’ll be in the country breathing in the humid~mosquito ridden air watching the kids dream.

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