farminista X fivegirls

To say we had a blast would be an understatement last week. It’s just that hangin’ with  5 girls is such a party to me. I adore that entire giggle~fest of fun.

There were no problems cracking them up, or inspiring them to step outside comfort zones.

Kathryn’s mom, Diane, and I initially wanted to capture Kathryn before she dives into the BIG high school world  s.c.a.r.y.     more for momma’s then kiddos I am sure! Then we thought, hey! let’s call Roxy at Tonic/Farminista and maybe ‘borrow’ some accessories. She said yes, love her. And then we were like… hey let’s invite a bunch of awesome friends!

Check out farminista’s online shopping site to find your own inner farm~inista!


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a little about me

I started about sixteen years ago in photography. Fully film at that time. I definitely hesitated when this new ‘digital’ thing came in, and was slower than most at embracing it.

I have plans, not sure when, of bringing back my Hasselblad and rockin’ weddings with it. It’s my heart and feels like home whenever I pull it out.

Digital changed this industry, it exploded it, it created opportunity and speed and I adore it. I love photoshop and instagram, without digital I wouldn’t be making friends across Canada in the same industry as me, I am grateful for that.

But starting out so young  has interesting things about it. For instance, I’ve never specialized. I’m kinda a ‘jack of all trades’ photographer. And that can be frowned upon and can make for a less cohesive IG, FB and website. But I gotta keep keeping’ on. Because I don’t get bored, and I think if I was to ‘specialize’ I may have not lasted quite so long in this industry.

So, going back to my early beginnings… I started out shooting fashion + editorial. And I’ve decided to dabble once again. My heart sings joy.

With Karly lighting my photography, I can solely concentrate on connecting with my subject and bringing out their rarity.

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Frame sale!!



Frame sale happening at Boehmer Photography. Styles, sizes and pricing (after discount of 40%) listed below:

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birch wood:

sale! 20×24 – 16×20 matte (2 available) $126

metro white:

sale! 10×20 – no matte (2) $105

11×14 – 8×10 matte (3) $87

black bella:

sale! 20×20 – 16×16 matte (1 available) $226

please email to let me know which frame/s you’d like. I take paypal//cc//email transfer for payment. All frames can be picked up between April 22nd and 25th. BUT you can reserve and pay for your frames now.

Thanks! xo Tams


a life in photography