jill and michael get married


Jill and Michael. I knew the moment we met I would adore this wedding! They allowed me freedom in my photography style, and really let me take the reigns. I had their trust and they were free to just love each other and have fun!

Hey, can I take a sec. There is some stuff on my heart and I have to share… I’m writing this on an amazing nite. After a crazy blessed day. You know those moments where you feel like God has placed every single step leading you on this journey. And I listened to Him, even though it was really scary what He asked of me, but His blessings have been poured out. Its been thru some (minor but still scary) health stuff, and many people praying, new schools and new daycare. And it just feels like every prayer has been answered and I feel totally undeserving. That’s exactly how I feel tonight. undeserving. but blissfully happy!


So back to J&M, and btw thanks for listening…

These two live with abandon. They live in their moment, freely. No retreat and no regrets.


How do I explain the joy Jill carries. Her laugh is contagious. It’s easy and it’s often.

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Her friends are beautiful, intelligent and totally fun. I was only a tad (major tad) jealous and want to be invited to all their parties from now on!

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Yup, and then there’s the guys. Cute, I think all doctors.. am I right? of course they are also polite and well dressed.

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I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, this wedding was pretty special.

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Thanks you two. You sure know how to throw a great party! May you have nothing but the best, and love to reach to the heaven’s and back.