The old and the new…


My mind often floats back and forth through the last few years and decisions I’ve made, the miles of growth I’ve made, and trusting my gut. While wandering over to Boehmer Photography I realized it’s been 2 years since I’ve updated my blog! So I thought I’d share a little with you.

Since creating Meraki+Light my heart has really settled in there. It wasn’t instant, and required gentle coaxing from my business partner Tamarah. I’ve been in business on my own for 18 years now, and creating a successful partnership comes with great stretching. And for the sake of complete honesty, both Tamarah and I can attest to a few thoughts of calling it a day. But we have persevered in a great way!

We both have a great desire to walk other creatives through partnerships, and the challenges they can face. We are still learning and making mistakes, but recognize that this will forever be the way. And that it will get easier. The most important decision we’ve made is that we are in this together.

So why post after 2 years? It has come out of a realization that I am so fulfilled working with Meraki+Light. While I do maybe 10% commercial work still through Boehmer, all my family and wedding sessions are through M+L as well as a few commercial shoots too (particularly those that fit our vision of connection + community). In realizing that I would be content to shut down this side of my creative life, the Boehmer side, I am overjoyed! I feel free to be myself and grow in both my faith + art + community pursuits. Hallelujah!

You may have also noticed me post about Gather + Tend. This is growing at breakneck speed and we are trying to stay ahead of the game! We are grateful for a strong committed team to carry out the tasks. We KNOW that this is a very desired + needed community and we will see it through!

For more information of family sessions or weddings, please visit Meraki + Light. We offer 1 hour sessions, 3+ hour documentary sessions, Christmas mini’s, and intimately emotive weddings.

If you’d like to be on the contact list for Christmas mini’s, please comment or email me!

xo Tammy