More About Me

BoehmerHey everyone, this is Boehmer, and since 2002, I have been living and working full time as a portrait photographer in Singapore.

In my earlier years, I was constantly travelling to and from Singapore because I was an executive at Canon. Since then, I have been in the South East Asian region, and decided to immigrate permanently to Singapore. For those fellow expats who want to migrate to Singapore permanently with a Singapore PR, you can check out a local Singapore PR firm like Dream Immigration or Immigration Solutions. While it was easy getting a PR in 2002, it is a significantly harder process now, and missing something unnecessarily will hold you back unnecessarily. So heed my advice and use it. I have many friends who have experienced failures, and used a dedicated PR application specialist and it has helped out 75% of them get their PR status approved after that.

Anyway, moving on, having studied a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) in the past, I have always been intrigued, and particularly by the human form. Get your mind out of the gutter! I am referring to how everybody portrays emotions differently. Only over the years, did I find that people express same emotions completely differently.

I guess, that is why in Singapore, there are people who call some girls as having resting bitch faces – what it means is that they are feeling neutral, but simply look pissed off even though they really are not.

On the other hand, have you seen some people look like they are smiling but they are really showing an expression which they think is angry?

Perhaps all these are not that interesting to others, but it sure is to me!

So there you have it. That is my story of why I am now living in Singapore and working as a portrait photographer!