Dating Woes For Men In Singapore?

dating in SG

As I lived longer in Singapore, I realized there are some big and common dating problems for men when it comes to dating in Singapore.

Here are some of the dating issues which I faced as an expat living in Singapore.

Most Singaporean girls are not interested in guys once they find out you are an expat

First of all, most girls did not seem very interested in entering a potentially long term relationship with me once they knew I was only going to be in Singapore for a few years. While there are exceptions to the rule, this seems to be the case for most of the girls in SG. I actually asked around my expat friends, and that seemed to be the case for them as well. Girls in Singapore prefer to date for the long term only… unless of course if you chose to engage escorts, sugar babies or picked up girls at clubs instead.

Singapore girls are materialistic

Second of all, girls in Singapore are materialistic! While many of them claim they are not, their actions usually prove otherwise. Many of them only want to hang out with guys at least on their financial level if they are students. If these ladies are working professionals, then they usually want a man who makes a comfortable amount more than her.

It is just generally harder to date SG girls

Seriously, I have no idea where on earth people get the idea that expats or Caucasians date easier. That is complete bollocks in real life and probably only happens in the mind of people who have nothing better to do. It is not the case. Singapore girls are just generally not easy and can be hard to date in general.

Check out the following video to know more about what I mean.

Rant over! Till next time.