Life As A Portrait Photographer In Singapore


Being a portrait photographer in Singapore is not an easy job. First of all, other than the gigs you can get by partnering with a local studio, you will need to get your own jobs and appointments. Since portrait photography is not too widespread in demand in Singapore before 2005, I had to work hard to educate clients on why there is a need or want for portrait photography back then. Thankfully, it is better now in Singapore.

In my personal blog here, I will share with you some of my adventures while living here in Singapore. My parents were permanent residents in Singapore, and I am as well. So you can say that I know a fair bit of the ins and outs of Singapore.

One of the key reasons I decided to specialize in portrait photography is simply because Singapore has a high population density but is a terrible place for nature pictures. There are only a few parks and places in Singapore worth it for that, and you cannot really make a living out of it. People in Singapore are also getting married later and later. Fewer are also getting hitched. Therefore, wedding photography has been on the decline locally for the past few years.

Ok, now let us move on to what you can expect if you are also considering a life as an expat photographer in Singapore.

1. Singapore has a fast pace of life. Thankfully for you, if you are intending to be self employed, most businesses respond surprisingly slow. This means that if you do your customer service fast, you will get relatively more enquiries.

2. You want to enter with a unique selling proposition. Nearly every photography that tries to find their path in Singapore do wedding photography. That is why that is an overcrowded niche in Singapore, unless you can find a niche within. I personally opted for a subniche under portrait to stand out and attract clients.

3. While Singapore is well known for a ‘complain’ culture, it is often overblown. In fact, Singapore’s complain culture pales in comparison to the United States, where people take feedback very seriously. Therefore, just give good service, and do not worry about such complaints.

4. Alternatively, if you are looking for some other high paying alternatives, here are some high paying part time jobs you can go for in Singapore.

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